by | May 4, 2016

It’s Wednesday May 4th, and new comics are within reach. So you may be like me and still have a stack of comics that haven’t been read from last week, but here is a list of new titles I will be picking up at my local comic shop.

Like many I try to budget my purchases, which can become difficult with the vast amount of quality books being published currently. So here are 5 titles worth looking into this week, and a couple honorary mentions for those readers that finally got that big bonus at work.

4001ad14001 AD #1 – $3.99

Matt Kindt, Clayton Crain, David Mack

Valiant’s summer crossover event is finally here. Coming to us almost 2000 years from the future, 4001AD centres around the history of the Rai of New Japan. I am not up to date with Matt Kindt and Clayton Crain’s Rai series, but I do know this is another very strong book being published by Valiant. This story focuses on Rai as he is exiled to Earth. Since this is a crossover comic series, I can only image that he will manage to find some other Valiant heroes and together try and save the world from being destroyed.

d&d1Dungeons & Dragons #1 – $4.99

Jim Zub, Nelson Daniel, Max Dunbar

I am mostly excited about this book because Jim Zub is on writing duties. Although his Thunderbolts comics from Marvel also is being released today, it is Dungeons & Dragons that I will be buying. I loved his buddy adventure comic Skull Kickers and can only hope that this have all the action and excitement that that series has.

punisher1The Punisher #1 – $3.99

Becky Cloonan, Steve Dillon, Frank Martin, Declan Shalvey

A by-the-numbers drug bust is about to take Frank Castle by surprise…and he HATES surprises. The horrible fallout threatens to send The Punisher into the heart of darkness, but Castle won’t make that journey alone: A DEA agent is on his trail and attempting to get into his head…but what horrors will she find there, and will she survive the experience? First-time Punisher writer Becky Cloonan and quintessential Punisher artist Steve Dillon are forcing Frank Castle out of his comfort zone and taking him to the edge of the world he thought he knew!

ratqueens16Rat Queens #16 – $3.99

Kurtis J. Wiebe, Tess Fowler, Tamra Bonvillain, Ed Brisson

Everybody should be picking up this issue for a couple of reasons. First, it is the start of the Queens new lives after the fallout of the third story arc (which you should have read my now). The second reason, unfortunately, is that this will be the last issue before the books recently announced hiatus. Tess Fowler is leaving the series, so this will be your last chance to drool over her and colourist, Tamra Bonvillain amazing art. I am excited for what new great artist will get the privilage to work on this series, which makes this a perfect time to savour this issue.

weavers1Weavers #1 – $3.99

Simon Spurrier, Dylan Burnett, Triona Farrell

When I first read about Weavers, I thought of the story being a like a B-side Spider-Man story, but with organized crime. The great thing about this book is the fact that it deviates so far from want is expected from a comic like Spider-Man. Supernatural spiders living inside people, which cause them to preform unspeakably, gruesome acts. The members of the crime family may have one objective, but what about the main character, Sid, or even the spiders themselves. Who is really running the show? Find out by picking up this book.

Extra pulls: Moon Knight #2, Howard the Duck #7, Rough Riders #2, Saints #8, The Wicked + The Divine #19