by | May 11, 2016

Wednesday is here again, and new comics are within reach. So you may be like me and still have a stack of comics that haven’t been read from last week, but here is a list of new titles I will be picking up at my local comic shop.

Like many I try to budget my purchases, which can become difficult with the vast amount of quality books being published currently. So here are 5 titles worth looking into this week, and a couple honorary mentions for those that earned some extra cash mowing their neighbours lawn.

batmantmntBatman/TMNT #6 – $3.99

James Tynion IV, Freddie Williams, Jeremy Colwell, Tom Napolitano

This epic comic crossover comes to a close this week. James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams have done a fantastic job handling both of these franchises. There is something perfect about the Foot Clan teaming up with the League of Assassins, and only a combination of Batman and Ninja Turtles will be able to take them down. This mini series has been a perfect bland of both worlds, and I would hope this will provide justification for future crossover series like it in the future.

thefix2The Fix #2 – $3.99

Nick Spencer, Steve Lieber, Ryan Hill, Nic J Shaw

I loved Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber’s work on Superior Foes of Spider-Man, a group of wannabe criminals trying to make the big time. The Fix has a very similar tone, a buddy cop story, if those cops were corrupt and attempting to abuse the system for their own advantages.These creators do a great job mixing together humour, action and a bit of mystery into the series, and its only on the second issue. If you missed issue #1 last month, be sure to pick up the second printing and issue #2.

archie8Archie #8 – $3.99

Mark Waid, Veronica Fish

Veronica’s father (and Archie’s arch-nemesis!), Hiram Lodge, is running for Mayor of Riverdale! But will he save, and even improve the town – or will he destroy it? Find out in this next installment of the hottest comic of the year!



mmpr3Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3 – $3.99

Kyle Higgins, Steve Orlando, Hendry Prasetya, Corin Howell, Matt Herms, Jamal Campbell

Rita’s plan comes to a head and the Green Ranger feels more alienated than ever, leaving the team divided when the Dragonzord attacks!


vision7Vision #7 – $3.99

Tom King, Michael Walsh, Jordie Bellaire, Mike Del Mundo

What do you mean you aren’t reading Vision? Well today is the start of a new story arc, so make sure you start here and find out what everyone is talking about. Tom King dives into the relationship of Vision and Scarlet Witch. If you saw Captain America: Civil War last weekend, and you love Vision and his sweater wearing ways, you’ll love what this creative team is doing in this series.

Extra pulls: Batman #52, Constantine the Hellblazer #12, Black Panther #2, Harrow County #12, Ninjak #15