by | Jul 21, 2015

It is Wednesday again, I am looking at the stack of comics I have not had the chance to read from the week(s) previous, and here I am making a list of titles I will be picking up at my local comic shop.

Like many I try to budget my purchases, which can become difficult with the vast amount of quality books being published currently. So here are 5 titles worth looking into this week, and a couple honorary mentions for those that have some extra cash from that classic vinyl record they sold.

hawkeye4All-New Hawkeye #4 – $3.99

After last weeks amazing conclusion of one Hawkeye story, Jeff Lemire and Ramon Perez continue there epic of Clint Barton, and continue to divulge the earlier years alongside his brother. Its hard to believe readers were fortunate enough to have two great, but very different, books starring Hawkeye. Unlike many current Marvel titles, this issue does not tie in to the Secret Wars event, but instead promises to be diverse any other comic.

BoDBloodshot1Book of Death: The Fall of Bloodshot #1 – $3.99

Following last weeks introduction to Valiant’s Book Of Death, Jeff Lemire and Doug Braithwaite bring us the story of how the nanite filled soldier, Bloodshot, faces his ultimate demise. The Book Of Death is a record of the timely fate of the Valiant Comic universe, with this being the first tie-in story accounting the death of the franchise character. Time travel is not uncommon when it comes to Valiant, so just how much time does Bloodshot have left.

powerup1Power Up #1 – $3.99

I stumbled upon this randomly, the cover peeked my interest and by the time I had finished reading the description I didn’t want to have to wait until Wednesday to pick it up. Creative team, and fellow Canadians, Kate Leth and Matt Cummings give us the story of 4 individuals who are awarded unlikely cosmic powers. The premise seems simple enough, however these individuals are a rebellious young woman, an ex-pro athlete, a mother of 2 and a goldfish. With her experience on Bravest Warrior, I can only hope Leth will bring a lighthearted and adventure filled experience to this new super-powered comic.

uncannyxmen35Uncanny X-men #35 – $3.99

As Secret Wars continues, we jump back to before the Marvel universes got all scrambled, to find Mystique returning to confront the Cyclops and his Uncanny X-men team. This issue continues the big lead up to the issue #600, which is due to be released in October. Scott Summers has had a bit of trouble keeping a team together, so I cannot wait to see who Brian Michael Bendis has coming to assist Cyclops when up against the vengeful Mystique.

wolf1Wolf #1 – $4.99

I believe that Ales Kot is one of the most underrated comic writers currently, and one of those creators that when I see his name on the book I know its going to be a great read. Though this book comes with a hefty $4.99 price tag, at 58 pages of content, it is going to be well worth the money. A noir style story, combining elements of horror, fantasy and magic, follows Antoine Wolfe, a paranormal detective, as he investigates a young teenagers connection to Earths imminent cataclysm.

Extra pulls: Archie vs. Predator #4, Birthright #9, Old Man Logan #3, Rick & Morty #4, Weirdworld #2