by | Jul 31, 2018

2000AD Dredd

Wednesday is here again, which means a new week for new comics (2000AD, LEVIATHAN & THE WILDS). If you are like me, you may still have a stack of comics that haven’t been read from last week, but how can anyone fault us for reading. Here is a list of books I will be picking up at my local comic shop.

Like many readers I try to budget my purchases, which can become difficult when there are so many quality books being published each week. So here are 5 titles to consider picking up this week.

2000AD Dredd

2000 AD SCI-FI SPECIAL 2018 – $9.99

Rebellion/2000AD – Emma Beeby, Babs Tarr, Annie Parkhouse, Katy Rex, Liana Kangas, Gab Contreras, Ellie De Ville, Alex De Campi, Sam Beck, Eva De La Cruz, Tillie Walden, Leah Moore, Xulia Vincente, Pippa Mather, Laura Bailey, DaNi, Olivia Hicks, Abigail Bulmer, Maura MCHugh, Emma Viaceli, Barbara Nosenzo

The 2000 AD Summer Special returns with a very special line-up: for the first time in 2000 AD‘s 41-year history, an entire issue will have an all-female roster of writers, artists, colorists, and letterers. With covers from Tula Lotay and Emily Zeinner, and all-new stories featuring Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Psi-Judge Anderson and DeMarco, P.I. by Alex De Campi, Maura McHugh, Tillie Walden, Katy Rex, Laura Bailey and many more, no holiday is complete without this thrill-packed anthology! Includes free poster.


LEVIATHAN #1 – $3.99

Image Comics – John Layman, Nick Pitarra, Michael Garland

SERIES PREMIERE! Poor Ryan DeLuca didn’t buy enough beer for his party, and while he was out on a beer run his idiot buddies busted out some mystical arcana and performed a summoning ceremony-a ceremony that summoned a giant monster from hell!
Join multiple Eisner-winning writer JOHN LAYMAN (CHEW) and Eisner-nominated artist NICK PITARRA (THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS), along with soon-to-be-nominated-for-best-colorist MICHAEL GARLAND (THE MANHATTAN PROJECTS) for an eye-popping, face-melting, reality-defying, nonstop rush of pure adrenaline.

long lost book two scout

LONG LOST: BOOK TWO #1 – $3.99

Scout Comics – Matthew Erman, Lisa Sterle,
The second book of Long Lost begins here! After venturing to their southern mountain home and learning some shocking news concerning their mother, Piper and Frances have gone missing and are now lost and alone in a place unknowable. Together, they must struggle and survive as they make their way back to Hazel Patch from where ever it is that they are. Join Scout Comics for the final six chapters of the critically acclaimed series!

the seeds berger

THE SEEDS #1 – $3.99

Dark Horse Comics – Ann Nocenti, David Aja

The bees are swarming. What do they know that we don’t?
The rich have built walls around their wealth and scramble into escape rockets. The romantic and the ruthless cross over into the lawless wilds of Zone-B. A few cantankerous aliens have come to collect the last dregs of humanity’s essence for the celestial embryo bank. One of them falls in love.
Astra is an idealistic journalist who stumbles into the story of a lifetime, only to realize that if she reports it, she’ll destroy the last hope of a dying world. How far will she go to get her story? An eco-fiction tech-thriller where flora and fauna have begun to mutate, The Seeds is also a story of love beyond race and gender, and of the resilience of both human and animal kind. 

the wilds black mask

THE WILDS #4 – $3.99

Black Mask Comics – Vita Ayala, Emily Pearson, Marissa Louise, Natasha Alterici

Waking in the belly of the beast – Medical Central – Daisy finds herself reunited briefly with Heather. Their time together is cut short when Heather is taken away to undergo “treatment.” Unable to rescue her partner on her own, Daisy is able to flee Medical with the help of a mole, vowing to return with every ally she has at her back. The only thing standing in her way: the people she has sacrificed everything for, the people of the Compound.

EXTRA PULLS: Go Go Power Rangers #12, Mister Miracle #10, Cosmic Ghost Rider #2, Paper Girls #23, Animosity #15