by | Sep 24, 2019

Relics of Youth

Wednesday is here again, which means a new week for new comics (THE PLOT & RELICS OF YOUTH). Normally my weekly comic list features books from a variety of publishers.  However, this week I’m choosing to feature all 5 comics from Vault Comics. This indie publisher has come a long way in the short three years since its inception, and I wanted to do my part in showing my appreciation for their dedication to amazing story-telling. Here is a list of books I will be picking up at my local comic shop.

Like many readers I try to budget my purchases, which can become difficult when there are so many quality books being published each week. So here are 5 titles to consider picking up this week.


THE PLOT #1 – $3.99

Vault Comics – Michael Moreci, Tim Daniel, Josh Hixson, Jordan Boyd, Jim Campbell

In order to receive…first you must give. When Chase Blaine’s estranged brother and sister-in-law are murdered, he becomes guardian to McKenzie and Zach, the niece and nephew he hardly knows. Seeking stability for the children, Chase moves his newly formed family to his ancestral home in Cape Augusta-which overlooks a deep, black bogland teeming with family secrets.


MALL #2 – $3.99

Vault Comics – Michael Moreci, Gary Dauberman, Zak Hartong, Addison Duke, Jim Campbell

Andre and his mysterious companion dig deeper into Andre’s frame-up-and deeper into the Mall’s nefarious history. Meanwhile, on the surface, factions collide. All-out war is on the horizon. But maybe that’s what someone is hoping for?

Relics of Youth

RELICS OF YOUTH #1 – $3.99

Vault Comics – Matt Nicholas, Chad Rebmann, Skylar Patridge, Morgan Martinez

Nat Rodrigues keeps dreaming of an island. Soon, the dreams become waking visions. Alone and concerned, Nat manages to locate other teenagers across the globe who share her intense obsession with the unmapped enclave. And then, the strangest part: Every one of them wakes one morning with a mysterious tattoo. A tattoo only the six of them can see. Now, each of them knows-no matter the obstacles in their way… they must discover this unknown paradise.


RESONANT #3 – $3.99

Vault Comics – David Andry, Alejandro Aragon, Jason Wordie, Deron Bennettres

Paxton finds himself captured and bound in the hold of a ship, sailing to an unknown destination. A fellow captor appears to be an ally, but they must trust each other enough to survive both the trip and the horrors that await them at their journey’s end. Meanwhile, conflict between Bec and Ty threatens to tear the siblings apart forever.

Sera & The Royal Stars


Vault Comics – Jon Tsuei, Audrey Mok, Raul Angulo, Jim Campbell

After a clash with the minions of Draco, Sera, Aldebaran and Antares are left scattered and separated in the land of dreams. A familiar face returns to help Sera reunite with the stars, but is he friend or foe?

EXTRA PULLS: Queen of Bad Dreams #4, Bloodshot #1, Faithless #6, Tommy Gun Wizards #2, Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers #43