by | Oct 8, 2019

Wednesday is here again, which means a new week for new comics (THESE SAVAGE SHORES & DEAD LEGENDS). If you are like me, you may still have a stack of comics that haven’t been read from last week, but how can anyone fault us for reading. Here is a list of books I will be picking up at my local comic shop.

Like many readers I try to budget my purchases, which can become difficult when there are so many quality books being published each week. So here are 5 titles to consider picking up this week.

DEAD LEGENDS #1 – $3.99

A Wave Blue World Inc. – James Maddox, Gavin Smith, Ryan Ferrier, Leonardo Colapietro

A widow seeking revenge. A champion hellbent  on losing. A world-class assassin  second guessing her contract. The Dead Legends tournament contains a long history of pitting the best fighters in the world against one another, but this year, these combatants bend the rules and place the future of the tournament in jeopardy. A martial arts throwback series that hits harder than a kick to the skull!


Vault Comics – Ram V., Sumit Kumar, Vittorio Astone, Aditya Bidikar

In the aftermath of war, victories and defeats are counted. But there are things lost that can never be regained. And so, a monster now travels to a civilized land for a final confrontation. A clash of ideologies that will leave in its wake a devastation of the soul. Along These Savage Shores from whence the monsters came to a world full of good men.

LIVE WIRE #11 – $3.99

Valiant Entertainment – Vita Ayala, Tana Ford, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Annie Wu

Amanda McKee-aka “Livewire”-continues the fight to clear her name.
Teamed up with politician John Wright, Amanda learns there’s more to superhero-ing than just punching bad guys.
But when masked men hold a charity rally hostage, Livewire is ready to show the world she’s ready to be a hero in the spotlight!

TRIAGE #2 – $3.99

Dark Horse Comics – Phillip Sevy, Frank Cvetkovic

Evie, Marco, and Orbit wake up from their recent jump between realities with only hours remaining before their next confrontation with the Hunter, an  being set on destroying them! The three women must figure out they’re being targeted, how they relate to each other, and what they can do to escape certain death.

THUMBS #5 – $4.99

Image Comics – Sean Lewis, Hayden Sherman

The grand finale-and grand it is! Thumbs and MOM , reeling from personal loss and with their backs against the wall, put everything on the line.

EXTRA PULLS: Collapser #4, Event Leviathan #5, Animosity #24, Hellmouth #1, Powers of X #6