by | Oct 8, 2018

murder falcon

Wednesday is here again, which means a new week for new comics (HOT LUNCH SPECIAL, MURDER FALCON, & THE WILDS). If you are like me, you may still have a stack of comics that haven’t been read from last week, but how can anyone fault us for reading. Here is a list of books I will be picking up at my local comic shop.Like many readers I try to budget my purchases, which can become difficult when there are so many quality books being published each week. So here are 5 titles to consider picking up this week.

hot lunch special


Aftershock Comics Eliot Rahal, Jorge Fornes, Taylor Esposito

A mid-western noir series set in the harsh landscape of the northern Minnesota Iron Range, HOT LUNCH SPECIAL is all about family, food, and the fight for survival. Only one question is worth asking… is blood thicker than sandwiches?
There are no secrets now. Only bodies. It’s dinner time, and Dorothy and Jordan are competing to sit at the head of the table, both forcing their family members to make hard decisions. Do the Khorys go to the cops? Or do they go to war? The Khoury criminal legacy is fully revealed.
Some choices have already been made-the Irish crime lord, Big Jim Moran, is getting anxious. He’s left too many loose ends, and he’s forced to cut strings. The order has been given. It’s time for everyone to die.

murder falcon

MURDER FALCON #1 – $3.99

Image Comics – Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer

From DANIEL WARREN JOHNSON, the creator of the Eisner-nominated series EXTREMITY, comes MURDER FALCON! The world is under attack by monsters, and Jake’s life is falling apart: no band, no girl, no future… until he meets Murder Falcon. He was sent from The Heavy to destroy all evil, but he can’t do it without Jake shredding up a storm. Now, with every chord Jake plays on his guitar, the power of metal fuels Murder Falcon into all-out kung fu fury on those that seek to conquer Earth.

power rangers


BOOM! Studios – Ryan Parrot, Eleonora Carlini, Raul Angulo, Ed Dukeshire, Dan Mora

After the shocking conclusion of Shattered Grid , the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers are still
picking up the pieces. Meanwhile, Rita Repulsa sets into motion a plan to retrieve an artifact that might be the key to besting Zordon and the Rangers once and for all…

vaders castle star wars


IDW Publishing – Cavan Scott, Derek Charm, Kelly Jones, Michelle Madsen, Robbie Robbins, Tom B. Long, Francesco Francavilla

Tales from Vader’s Castle puts a spooky spin on your favorite characters from a galaxy far, far away…
This exciting weekly series explores the hidden corners of the Star Wars universe and features Rebels stars Hear, Kanan, and Chopper; Obi-Wan Kenobi and Count Dooku; Han Solo and Chewbacca; the Ewoks; and of course, Darth Vader -all under the shadow of Vader’s Castle!

wilds black mask

THE WILDS #5 – $3.99

Black Mask Comics – Vita Ayala, Emily Pearson, Natasha Alterici

In the final issue, the Runners lead an all out assault on Medical Central, determined to free one of their own and end the reign of terror brought on by Dr. Knott and his scientists.


EXTRA PULLS: Unnatural #4, Weatherman #5, Exiles #9, Venom #7, Spider-geddon #1