by | Oct 13, 2015

It is Wednesday again, I am looking at the stack of comics I have not had the chance to read from the week(s) previous, and here I am making a list of titles I will be picking up at my local comic shop.

Like many I try to budget my purchases, this week I will likely be going over my budget. Here are 5 titles that shouldn’t be overlooked this week, and a 5 honorary mentions for those that are willing to take out a second mortgage to supplement this weeks comic buys.

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imageI Hate Fairyland #1 – $3.50

Skottie Young

Don’t be fooled by the stylistic look of this book, it is not intended for children. This adventure story follows Gert, a young girl who has been stuck in Fairyland for thirty years, as she battles her way across the land in attempt to finally escape this gleeful prison. Be sure to pick up this bloody book and join Gert as she destroys anything that gets in her path.

imageTwilight Children#1 – $4.99

Gilbert Hernandez, Darwyn Cooke

After the discovery of a mysterious orb and a young woman, a group of children’s lives are changed forever. Have these things come from space, and will their appearance get the wrong attention. Creators Gilbert Hernandez and Darwyn Cooke come together to deliver an amazing looking book of intrigue and thrills. Don’t miss this book to see if this small town can overcome this possible alien invasion.

imageNew Avengers #1 – $3.99

Al Ewing, Gerardo Sandoval

I didn’t have much of a chance to read Al Ewing’s previous Avengers titles, but I will definitely picking this book up. This is the book of misfit Avengers, they do not have a spot on the regular Avenger roster, and aren’t needed by S.H.I.E.L.D. Operating under the new A.I.M. (Avengers Idea Mechanics) title, New Avengers consists of some of my favourite Marvel characters, including Wiccan and Hulkling.

imageNinjak #8 – $3.99

Matt Kindt, Stephan Segovia, Butch Guice, Mico Suayan

Ninjak, Colin King, goes deeper and deeper undercover as he infiltrates the secret organization of the Shadow Seven. This issue puts him face-to-face with Fitzy, the leader of this evil group. As a highly trained, intelligent operative, Ninjak begins to realize that he has a lot in common with the members of this deadly alliance and the true test will be maintaining his morality and mentality.

imageWelcome Back #2 – $3.99

Christopher Sebela, Jonathan Brandon Sawyer, Claire Roe, Carlos Zamudio

The eternal battle between two souls continues in this second issue of Welcome Back. The overly skilled Tessa expands her search and is headed for America to track down her combatant Mali. However, Mali has just began to be exposed to the knowledge and abilities her soul as experienced in its past lives. Christopher Sebela and Jonathan Brandon Sawyer do an excellent job building these two characters, while maintaining a feeling on consistent action.

Extra pulls: Batman #45, Constantine the Hellblazer #5, Star Wars Shattered Empire #3, Sex Criminals #13, The Wicked + The Divine #15