by | Nov 4, 2015

Autumn is upon us, and days seem to be getting shorter, which means Wednesdays appear to be arriving sooner each week. It is another week of great comics, I am looking at the stack of comics I have not had the chance to read from last week, but here is a list of titles I will be picking up at my local comic shop.

Like many I try to budget my purchases, which can become difficult with the vast amount of quality books being published currently. So here are 5 titles worth looking into this week, and a couple honorary mentions for those that have some extra cash you saved by avoiding going to the dentist for one more week.

HowardtheDuck1Howard the Duck #1 – $4.99

Chip Zdarsky, Joe Quinones

Did you happen to miss Howard the Duck #1 from earlier this year? Well now is you chance for redemption. Chip Zdarsky and Joe Quinones return to the hilarious antics of this unique private detective. For the additional price tag, there is a back up story of the fan-inspired character Gwenpool (Gwen Stacey version of Deadpool).

ninjak9Ninjak #9 – $3.99

Matt Kindt, Clay Mann, Juan Jose Ryp

I have probably said this a bunch of times, but Valiant Comics consistently bring fantastic stories month after month. Featuring a winning combination of well known story tellers and upcoming creative talents, Ninjak is just one example of the publishers successful titles. Each issue reveals a little more about Ninjaks past, but a character whose past I am also interested in is Roku, making her return in this issue.

papergirls2Paper Girls #2 – $2.99

Brian K. Vaughan, Cliff Chiang

Not to much surprise, the new series from Brian K. Vaughan is incredibly written. It could be because of a personal connection of having my own paper route as a young teen, but this story of a group of girls attempting to stake out their claim in a male dominant newspaper delivery business of the 80s. If that is not interesting enough for you add a twist of possible time travelling, mysterious hooded figures, and you have a great coming of age story.

saints2Saints #2 – $2.99

Sean Lewis, Ben Mackey

Last month I picked up the first issue of Saints on a whim, honestly it was mostly based on the cover art. I was delightfully surprised with the book, and has now been added to my pull list. The characters become aware of their sainthood, their purpose and the connection to each other. Together, this new group of friends will have to use their gifts to battle demons.

klaus1Klaus #1 – $3.99

Grant Morrison, Dan Mora

Best-selling comic writer Grant Morrison brings a fresh take on one the most recognized mythic characters, Santa Claus. Based on a variety of original tales, Klaus tells the story of the characters early years, being described by many people as the “Santa Claus: Year One”. Featuring art from the upcoming talent, Dan Mora, this book focuses on the darker side of this chronicle, including appearances of the terrifying Krampus. Only someone like Morrison can take someone as recognized and well known as Jolly Old Saint Nick and turn it into an epic story for the ages. This mini-series looks to be running through Christmas, so get on board early to not miss out.

Extra pulls: Batman & Robin Eternal #5, James Bond #1, Extraordinary X-Men #1, Montress #1, Citizen Jack #1