by | Dec 7, 2015

Wednesday approaches, and new comics are almost within our reach. So you may be like me and still have a stack of comics that haven’t been read from last week, but here is a list of new titles I will be picking up at my local comic shop.

Like many I try to budget my purchases, which can become difficult with the vast amount of quality books being published currently. So here are 5 titles worth looking into this week, and a couple honorary mentions for those that have some extra cash you saved from winning the cash door prize at your Christmas staff party.

batmantmnt1Batman/ Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 – $3.99

James Tynion IV, Freddie Williams II, Jeremy Colwell

This crossover is the type of adventure I hoped for as a child when combining my Teenage Mutant ninja Turtles with my Batman action figures. Thanks to the cooperation of DC Comics and IDW this dream is now a reality. From the creative mind of James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams II, this story of the displaced turtles world in the DC universe of Gotham City is sure to be a classic.  I cannot wait to see Batman lay waste to a bunch of the ninja goons of the Foot Clan.

headlopper2Head Lopper #2 – $5.99

Andrew MacLean

Norgal continues his journey with his sidekick head, Agatha, as they travel through a forest and encounter a strange character named Gnym. Do not miss this oversized, quarterly comic by Andrew MacLean, it is full of adventure, fun and brutal action scenes.

insexts1Insexts #1 – $3.99

Marguerite Bennett, Ariela Kristantina, Bryan Valenza, Troy Peteri

Typically I would say a little bit about why this comic is worth buying but the solicitation for this book does such a great job selling itself. “At the dusk of a century, a pair of vengeful Victorian vixens discover a horrifying power that transforms them into rich and strange new creatures. Armed with their dark, evolving forms, they descend into a world of the cultured and occult, with new senses and new sensuality, to forge a life for themselves and the child of their love. This new monthly series is the brainchild of writer Marguerite Bennett (A-Force, Angela, Red Sonja) and artist Ariela Kristantina (Wolverines, Deep State), a comic unlike any you’ve seen before!”

ninjak10Ninjak #10 – $3.99

Matt Kindt, Doug Braithwaite, Juan Jose Ryp, Brian Reber

This new story arc has Ninjak being ordered by MI-6 to go on a covert mission to the dimension known as Deadside. This is very exciting because with Deadside comes the return of Shadowman to the Valiant Comics Universe. Matt Kindt and Doug Braithwaite have been doing spectacular work on the other Valiant issues which can only result in strong story telling and great visuals going forward. If you haven’t been reading Ninjak, be sure to get on board with this issue.
TheViolent_01-1The Violent #1 – $2.99

Ed Brisson, Adam Gorham, Michael Garland

While trying to integrate himself back into society, Mason, an ex-con, falls back into old habits while attempting to provide for his wife and younger daughter. Really looking forward to reading this crime series by fellow Canadians Ed Brisson and Adam Gorham, you should be too.

Extra pulls: Batman #47, Constantine the Hellblazer #7, Gwenpool Special #1, Saints #3, Snowblind #1