by | Dec 21, 2016

Wednesday is here, and Christmas is just around the corner, so if you need any last minute gifts here are some new comics comic out this week. If you are like me, you may still have a stack of comics that haven’t been read from last week (or last Christmas). Regardless, here is a list of books I will be picking up at my local comic shop.

Like many readers I try to budget my purchases, which can become difficult if you have spent all that extra cash on presents for everyone else. This week features a couple titles that are some of my favorites from 2016 (Black Hammer, 4 Kids Walk into a Bank, Animosity & Bloodshot) which you can check out HERE. Instead of repeating myself I wont be including those series and will choose to highlight five other titles to consider picking up this week.

depth9Dept.H #9 – $3.99

Dark Horse Comics – Matt Kindt, Sharlene Kindt

Mia is trapped at the bottom of the ocean with her father’s murderer-and they must work together to repair the flooding Dept. H base. Aaron’s desperate attempt to reach the surface is their last chance at rescue, but six miles of water and the mysterious creatures that live deep in the ocean are just as dangerous as the rising water and the unknown killer inside the base.

divinityiii1Divinity III Stalinverse #1 – $3.99

Valiant Entertainment – Matt Kindt, Trevor Hairsine, David Baron, Ryan Winn, Tom Muller

Earth has a new god. The world you know is gone.
Welcome to the Stalinverse, comrade.

gamora1Gamora #1 – $3.99

Marvel Comics – Nicole Perlman, Marco Checchetto, Andres Mossa, Esad Ribic

Before the Guardians…there was Gamora!
From screenwriter Nicole Perlman-co-writer of the Guardians of the Galaxy screenplay-and Marvel superstar artist Marco Checchetto comes a killer new ongoing series! Once upon a time she was Thanos’ heartless pet assassin and favorite daughter. Today, she is the backbone of the Guardians of the Galaxy, putting her life on the line to defend the innocent. What was it that transformed her from being used as a tool of her oppressor, to a champion of the powerless? Embark on a journey of revenge and redemption, and witness how Gamora earned her reputation as the Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy.

lakeoffire5Lake of Fire #5 – $3.99

Image Comics – Nathan Fairbarin, Matt Smith

SERIES FINALE. Crusaders and heretics stand together in a battle for salvation and survival against demonic visitors from beyond the stars in this, the terrifying and devastating finale of LAKE OF FIRE.

lockekey1Locke & Key: Small World #1 – $4.99

IDW Publishing – Joe Hill, Jay Fotos, Gabriel Rodriguez

Three years after wrapping up their award-winning, best-selling Locke & Key saga, the team that built Keyhouse returns to Lovecraft, Massachusetts with a new tale of terror and suspense! An impossible birthday gift for two little girls unexpectedly throws open a door to a monster on eight legs!
•   You never thought it’d happen but… the Eisner-winning series returns to unlock a special tale from Keyhouse’s sordid past!
•   All-new 24-page story by series creators Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodriguez, and Jay Fotos!

Extra Pulls: Backstagers #5, Batman #13, Cave Carson #3, Ether #2, Spell on Wheels #3