Twiztid, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox & Lex The Hex Master Live in Lethbridge 04/05/16 [Concert Review]

by | Apr 6, 2016

Twiztid’s Canadian Juggalo Invasion Tour rolled through the windy Canadian city Lethbridge on April 5th, 2016 featuring direct support from Blaze Ya Dead Homie, Boondox and Lex The Hex Master. Majik Ninja Entertainment is producing one helluva show for the family in 2016 – if you haven’t seen the wicked shit live – don’t miss the rest of the dates.


The Lethbridge stop of the Canadian Juggalo Invasion Tour was at Inferno Nightclub and was produced by True Rhythm, who did a great job with the venue. For the relatively small size of the club, it filled up nicely as Juggalos were stacked wall to wall singing along to the tracks. In terms of scale, compared to the last time Twiztid came through Lethbridge, this was a massive boost in terms of attendance and production. Everyone sounded fantastic and delivered a tremendous show.


Lex The Hex Master is relatively new to the scene and his debut album comes out this Friday April 8th, but you could grab it at the merch tables on this tour. Lex was DAMN GOOD. His short but impactful set was one of the highlights of the evening for me personally as he tore it up in there and instantly turned heads. I could see people in the crowd looking at one another with huge grins with each song into Lex’ performance. He won over that crowd and hooked us in – I’ll be getting that record ASAP.

I’ve been a fan of Boondox for a long time now. You could probably say that about all of these acts, but I’ll say it anyway – I love Boondox. He’s one of my favorite Juggalo artists. His country brand of wicked hip hop is unlike any other on the planet. Take Bubba Sparxxx and turn him into a devil worshipper, then amp up the songwriting and talent factor and you’ll get Boondox. ‘Pray with Snakes’ and ‘Monster’ from his latest album seemed to be two of the biggest hits of the night with a lot of crowd participation.


I was happy that most of my fellow Lethbridgians were familiar with Boondox – I wasn’t sure if they would be. I wanted a longer set – hell I wanted longer sets for everyone. That’s my only complaint (I WANT MORE ALL THE TIME). Also – I’m just being honest here, but I could have done without so many opening acts that delayed the main bill kicking off at 11 PM with Lex. To wait from doors opening at 8 until 11 PM was a little much for a Tuesday night. I’m old I guess.

Blaze Ya Dead Homie is a showman – he brought out what Monoxide referred to as his court clothes, complete with a devilish pimp cane. Blaze knows how to work the crowd and he does it with ease – a true hip hop artist in every sense of the word, not only in his lyrical talent and flow but with his stage presence as well. His new record his superb, probably my favorite since ‘1 Less G’ and I was happy to hear ‘Ghost’ performed live. I have to say – that was one of my favorite tracks of the entire evening and it killed live. I loved seeing Blaze return to the stage to close the evening with his boys Madrox and Monoxide as well – a treat for the family and a fitting end to the night.


Twiztid – They are so damn good… They played such a varied selection of tracks from their library that I was blown away – because I actually kept saying to myself “holy shit, that’s right they do that song ‘Different'” — you forget how long and storied of a career these guys have had. Hit after hit after underground hit. They blasted through the years in breakneck fashion. ‘Die Motherfucker Die’ and ‘We Don’t Die’ went over the loudest with the crowd. I noticed Monoxide had his weedpipe in hand for most of the performance which was neat.

Not everyone will know this but Monoxide was going through some vocal issues earlier in the day so I helped get him into a doctor prior to the VIP meet and greets and whatever that dude did to Mono, it seemed to work. I’m not going to take credit for saving the day, although depending how I tell this story in the future, maybe I will. But to see Monoxide make that fast of a turnaround to not being able to speak, to then absofuckinglutely tearing down the house that same night? Unbelievable. Madrox and Monoxide are true pros in this rap game. Most other artists would have quit the shit right then and there but they persevered and it resulted in a mind-blowing show that I know will only grow into a bigger monster when they return to Lethbridge for their next Canadian run. The Juggalo family is strong in Southern Alberta and it will only get stronger.


Be on the lookout for Majik Ninja Entertainment, who hosts all of these guys: Twiztid, Blaze and Lex — this is only the beginning. Psychopathic Records may have been where Twiztid was spawned and groomed by Insane Clown Posse, but today it is all MNE son. Get it together, check out the label, check out the killer albums and talent they are assembling and become one with this movement – this is the second wave of Juggalo music and it can’t be stopped.


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