Welcome to Fox Force Five News!

by | May 7, 2015

Welcome to Fox Force Five News. My name is Keven Skinner and I’ll be the editor-in-chief around these here parts. I helped launch other entertainment news websites like The Daily Blam and Gotham News and I’ve been around the online journalistic block for a few years. Fox Force Five News will be a haven for a variety of entertainment news items, ranging from music, film, TV and comics. Essentially whatever I or my writing staff find interesting, will be displayed here. Fingers crossed you find it intriguing too.

The name Fox Force Five is a reference from my favorite movie of all time – Pulp Fiction. In the diner scene Uma Thurman talks to Jon Travolta about a TV pilot called Fox Force Five, which revolved around a group of deadly assassins. Quentin Tarantino fans of course know this as the earliest tease of a movie he’d make a decade later called Kill Bill. I want Fox Force Five News to be my Kill Bill. And like that movie, I plan to honor the entertainment genres that I’ve grown to love by sharing the news, reviews, interviews and tidbits online right here.


All of my old exclusive interviews, editorials and reviews from my previous homes at The Daily Blam and Gotham News have been added to the archives at Fox Force Five News but I look ahead to the future and I’m excited at the possibilities of running my own website. I’ve always had differences creatively with my previous position so I’m happy to be able to do whatever the hell I want going forward, even if it is for better or worse.


I’ve been lucky enough to be featured in the very pages of the comic that I’ve loved long before it became the biggest TV show on the planet – The Walking Dead. After interviewing artist Charlie Adlard a bunch of times he drew me into the book as a zombie getting a hatchet to the side of the face in issue 91. Nothing will likely ever top that moment for me in terms of nerd cred, but I decided to march onward anyway. I’ve been lucky enough to interview a variety of people that I admire greatly including the late Wayne Static, Dane Cook, Weird Al, Sam Elliot, Garth Ennis, Mike Mignola and a bunch more you can check out in the interviews section.


So here’s to the future and new beginnings – the Grand Opening is June 1st and there will be a giveaway or two that week but the site will be producing new content starting today!