Wolf Cop 2: “Funnier & Gorier” with a Bigger Theatrical Run Promises Director Lowell Dean [Calgary Expo]

by | May 2, 2016

[Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo 2016] The Wolf Cop team has returned to the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo to wreak havoc, deputize new fans and tease the highly anticipated sequel which his theaters later this year. Director Lowell Dean, Wolf Cop himself Leo Fafard , producers Hugh Patterson, Danielle Masters and make-up wizard Emersen Ziffle were on hand to speak to fans and show new footage from Wolf Cop 2. Check out the details here!

The Wolf Cop panel was a riot. Easily one of the best highlights of the entire Calgary Expo weekend. The crew reminisced about the first film and how it turned into the monster we all know and love today because of their hard work and dedication to the fans. Actor Leo Fafard even went into full make-up over the weekend – what other lead actor do you know will do that? Nobody. True badass and tough as hell.

Leo Fafard & producer Hugh Patterson at Calgary Expo 2016

Leo Fafard & producer Hugh Patterson at Calgary Expo 2016

In regards to the evolution of Wolf Cop himself (not just the make-up mind you, which was tweaked to look even more sinister for the sequel), Fafard said the following in regards to his character, “Lou is more confident and lines start to get crossed more as becomes more of the wolf in his personal life.”

When teasing the upcoming Wolf Cop 2, director Lowell Dean said it was “Funnier and gorier” than the first. There will also be more supernatural and SCI-FI elements in the sequel according to Dean with a much larger cast of eclectic characters. But that’s not all — Ziffle revealed that the gag list (which involves effects) was over 90 items long – a tremendous upscale from the first film. The guys had a two million dollar budget for the sequel, about a million more than the first movie but they also had to film the entire thing in 17 chaotic days. “It was way harder (to film than the first film), but the redeeming thing is that it’s so much damn fun,” said Dean.


L-R: Lowell Dean and Emersen Ziffle Photo Credit – Keven Skinner

“There’s a lot of killing in this movie,” said Ziffle. When teasing an upcoming scene in Wolf Cop 2, he went on to reveal the following, “There’s an icy surface and someone gets Jerseyed… But it’s not the jersey that gets pulled over his head.”

Picture that for a moment won’t you? Or don’t – because it sounds horrifying. In the meantime – watch Krampus, which is now on home video because Ziffle worked with WETA on that brilliant horror film. It will tide you over until Wolf Cop 2 hits theaters later this year and it WILL HIT THEATERS – Dean promises it will do a larger theatrical run. The first Wolf Cop played in less than 10 Cineplex theaters when it was released but found a ton of life and momentum as a digital release, as well as Netflix notoriety which is why a sequel was greenlit so quickly.

If you didn’t know already, Wolf Cop is a Canadian franchise and director Lowell Dean’s mission was to show movie fans that his province can get nastier than one would think, “Corner Gas set a really loving image of Saskatchewan so my goal was to just really make it look shitty.”

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