‘Z’ The Wordless Comic from Valentin Ramon – Metal Comic Review!

by | Jun 25, 2018

Z valentin ramon

Z is a wordless 96-page psychotronic graphic novel created by Valentin Ramon (Hot Damn!, D4ve) and published by West Wind Comics but you can buy it directly RIGHT HERE. This is my metal comic review:

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  • Writer/Artist: Valentin Ramon

Z valentin ramon

Z is a wordless book. No more room in the world for meaningless words.

Z is a funny book. A visual dystopian metaphor inside a song without lyrics, a lonely scream on the sea of human stupidity inside a silly book.

Z is a nihilistic detective of sorts. Think the Batman of the 40’s but naif.

Z is a personal view about the origins of terrorism. Expect some government conspiracies, diabolic corporations and religious blindness.

Print: 14,00 €

Rating: M

Which metal song should you listen to while reading Z?

Apocalyptica – Pray

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