James Gunn to Remain Fired from Guardians of The Galaxy 3 Despite Cast & Fan Support

by | Aug 16, 2018

james gunn rules

James Gunn has apparently met with Disney and they are standing by their decision this past July to fire the director from the upcoming third Guardians of The Galaxy film. Check out full details here:

james gunn rules

Thanks to Variety, we know that Gunn has met recently with Disney’s chairman Alan Horn and that the company will stand firm on their decision to fire the beloved filmmaker despite an outpouring of support from fans and the entire cast of the franchise. Marvel president Kevin Feige was absent from the important discussion, though he also stands by Disney’s decision to fire Gunn in spite of reports that Marvel Studios was also trying to convince Disney to reconsider their hasty and moronic decision.

You can read all about the cast support below:

Guardians of The Galaxy Cast Pens Letter to Disney Asking to Reinstate Director James Gunn after Idiotic Firing

In the weeks since Gunn’s abrupt firing due to a lazy and crude attack launched by Cybernazis that exposed decade old crude joke tweets about paedophilia, major rival studios are apparently chomping at the bit to hire the director, including Warner Bros. In the wake of this news, the most vocal castmember has been Dave Bautista (DRAX) who has been very adamant that if Gunn’s script for Guardians of The Galaxy 3 is NOT used, then he will leave his contract early and not be a part of the sequel. Considering Drax is probably the funniest character of the group, this would be an incredible shame. Disney has not said one way or the other if they will be using Gunn’s script – so that last bit of his connection to the franchise is all that’s on the table at this point.

james gunn and dave bautista

So there you have it. Despite a massive outcry of support from both the fans and the cast of Guardians of The Galaxy, Disney will NOT budge and they are standing by their decision to fire Gunn over his past mistakes that were all made and apologised for LONG BEFORE his employment with the company. It’s a sad, bullshit move by a company who let right-wing media trolls try to destroy a good man’s career. Thankfully – Gunn’s career is FAR from over and it looks like he has a lot of potential jobs on the horizon from other studios who aren’t as easily corrupted and swayed by social media. Guardians of The Galaxy 3 is still set for a 2020 release.